Washburn Academy is a Kindergarten-12th grade secular, private school in Clearwater, FL with 170 students and a student-teacher ratio of 9 to 1. 85% of students from Washburn Academy go on to attend a 4-year college upon graduation.

Washburn Academy is 100% competency-based with stress on full mastery of subjects at each level of instruction before a student may progress onto the next level or into their next grade. We are committed to educating intellectually adventurous thinkers, and courageous, compassionate leaders. Our learning community is highly collaborative, real-world focused, and research-based. Integration of experiential tools extend conversations well beyond the classroom and advance student-driven, global learning.

Students are encouraged to think for themselves, evaluate information and draw their own conclusions.

Included in Washburn Academy’s program is a comprehensive life skills program to ensure graduates are knowledgeable in and prepared to handle personal finance, taxes, mortgages and home economics.

Civic responsibility, community service and leadership are stressed and are an integral part of the school culture.

Students benefit from our challenging and engaging curriculum and participate in Honors and other advanced classes including dual enrollment in the local college program – where students can earn college credits or even a 2-year degree while completing high school.