Shawn Float sees education as the gateway to securing the future, and as such directs students towards a higher level of responsibility both academically and in the world beyond the classroom. This is achieved through Washburn Academy of Clearwater’s support of many social betterment programs such as disaster relief, anti-drug and human rights campaigns.

As a mother of four sons, Shawn has a vested interest in ensuring that the students of Washburn Academy are prepared to be tomorrow’s leaders.


Washburn Academy of Clearwater was founded by Roberta Washburn when she began homeschooling family members fifteen years ago. There became such a demand in the community for Roberta to homeschool children of local parents, that Washburn Academy was born.

Throughout the years Washburn Academy of Clearwater has grown and expanded into three different locations, until finally finding a permanent home in their current building which was purchased in 2011. This location provided the much needed space in order to continue to expand enrollment, enhance curriculum and strengthen programs such as athletics, fine arts and practical life skills.

Washburn Academy of Clearwater has expanded through the years, yet has maintained a personal and family feel. The staff is very much hands-on and involved with their students, demonstrating a care factor that extends beyond teaching in the classroom.

The staff is passionate about their purpose; educating children so that they are prepared for life. This includes teaching cooking and baking skills throughout the various grade levels as well as teaching important life skills such as filing taxes, applying for loans, securing a mortgage and beyond.

Additionally, students are taught that they can have a positive impact on their communities and beyond through volunteer service programs such as anti-drug, human rights and disaster relief campaigns. Upper School students are given the opportunity to participate in disaster relief. These students have greatly assisted following disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes through the country, including after Superstorm Sandy.

Washburn Academy teachers provide a unique learning environment in which students have individualized programs utilizing curriculum that works for each particular student. This means that when standard curriculum proves insufficient, additional materials and tools can be employed to assist the student in acquiring needed skills.

Further, Washburn Academy of Clearwater is proficiency based, meaning that a student must demonstrate full competency on material before being moved ahead. Through this approach, students are not left confused or lacking when they move onto more advanced skills.

Washburn Academy of Clearwater provides a family environment while providing a powerful curriculum that works for the individual student.