I just graduated high school with honors and want to say that Washburn Academy is the greatest school ever created.

What is so amazing about this school is the fact that every teacher sincerely cares about the students. Not in the sense that they just want the student to pass tests or spout back data. The teachers at Washburn Academy have one goal in mind – for the students to achieve success in life.

Here is my personal experience. I first enrolled at Washburn Academy when I was 12. When I started, I was behind in many subjects. My only real strength was my reading level. Most schools told me I would never be able to catch up, or succeed. I hated math, I hated writing and I hated school.

Now, I have graduated with honors. I took 37 credits of Dual Enrollment (college classes while in high school), which included College Algebra, Calculus, Humanities, Anatomy and Physiology and more. I love writing now, and on average can write an “A” grade level college paper of over 2,000 words in a little under two hours. I now love math and writing and I excel in these subjects.

At Washburn Academy, I learned everything I would need to succeed in life, from how to do my taxes, balance my checkbook, take out a mortgage, manage a credit card as well as mechanics and basic car care.

This school is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Washburn Academy empowered me to succeed. I caught up in all subjects and now have confidence in the subjects I had previously failed at. Because of Washburn Academy, I know I will succeed in life. I know that whatever I choose to do, I will succeed in it and be able to live a full and happy life.

Washburn Academy does not just educate students in studies, it educates them on how to succeed in life. The way Washburn teaches their students is just as important as what they teach. Each student goes at their own pace, receiving one-on-one help from the staff members whenever they need it. At Washburn I did not feel like I was just at school, I felt part of a family. There are no “cliques” or “groups”.  Everyone knows each other and they are friendly to one another.


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